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Last Look, London

1 June 2014

Marits Roberts, 28, Marketing Manager, British Fashion Council. Haggerston, East London

I have lived in London for 10 years; it’s one of the most cultural and creative capitals in the world. I love the variety that the city has to offer. Whatever you’re into, you’ll find it here. This area, Haggerston, offers a wealth of quirky little restaurants, cafés and bars, not to mention the fact it’s the creative hub of this city and the driving force behind much of the city’s creative industry. 

I’m taking a break from shooting our Men’s Fashion Week campaign in a studio nearby. It’s a good place for seeking inspiration and meeting interesting characters. It’s not the typical London you see on a postcard or in a Richard Curtis film. It’s much more industrial, raw and a little bit dirty. But these imperfections make it loveable and unique. 

There are possibly more nationalities living in these five square miles than the rest of Britain put together. This gives rise to a fantastic clash of cultures and a vibrant culinary scene. From Turkish to Vietnamese, Ethiopian to Italian, you could eat something new here everyday. Variety keeps me motivated and I’m lucky to experience such diverse environments each and every day. My style changes daily, depending on my mood. It is certainly not dictated by the weather, as is quite clear from this picture. But luckily for us Londoners, an umbrella is never far from our grasp.