Arabian Airpass

Terms & Conditions

  • Arabian Airpass travel coupons may only be purchased at local Emirates offices and cannot be purchased online.
  • All quoted prices for Arabian Airpass travel coupons are for one-way travel in USD per coupon and exclude taxes.
  • Arabian Airpass travel coupons are valid for travel only in conjunction with international tickets issued by Emirates and originating outside the Gulf and Middle East.
  • Arabain Airpass travel coupons may only be purchased outside the Gulf and Middle East.
  • A minimum of two coupons and a maximum of four coupons may be purchased in conjunction with each international ticket.
  • The minimum value of the international ticket must not be less than USD 500 excluding taxes.
  • Validity of the Arabian Airpass coupons is determined as per the validity of the international ticket.
  • Arabian Airpass is not valid for travel after the completion of international journey.
  • Arabian Airpass must be purchased at the same time as the international return ticket.
  • The last date for ticket issuance of Arabian Airpass is 31st March 2013. Travel can be made after 31st March 2013 but must be completed within the validity of the international ticket.
  • This offer is not valid on Emirates codeshare flights operated by other airlines.
  • Booking class: a combination of First Class, Business Class and Economy Class travel is permitted.
  • There is no minimum stay restriction.
  • Travel on the first coupon must be booked at the time of purchase. Travel on subsequent coupons may be booked anytime prior to departure.
  • Date change to reservations will be made at a charge of USD 20 per transaction.
  • For any reissue/rerouting, a charge of USD 50 for First Class and Business Class and USD 30 for Economy Class will apply.
  • Refunds prior to departure will be made after deducting a fee of USD 150 for First Class, USD 100 for Business Class, USD 50 for Economy Class coupons.
  • Refunds after departure are not permitted, in accordance with the refund policies, the international sectors can be refunded only with the fully unutilised Airpass.
  • Normal stopover rules apply.
  • Normal baggage allowance rules apply. For Emirates flights flying to and from the USA/Canada, a two piece rule applies for all classes.
  • Taxes applicable are per normal procedures.
  • Must not be used in conjunction with any other offer.

All fares and information are subject to change without notice. For more information, please contact your local travel agent or Emirates office.

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