Convert your HSBC Reward Points into Skywards Miles

Convert your HSBC Reward Points into Skywards Miles

HSBC is one of the largest banking and financial services organisations   in the world, with operations in 65 countries and territories. Serving more than 40 million customers worldwide, its unparalleled international network links developed and emerging markets, and spans the world’s largest and fastest-growing trade corridors. 

If you are an HSBC Premier World or HSBC Premier World Elite Mastercard cardmember, you can now convert your HSBC Reward Points into Skywards Miles.  

1 HSBC Reward Point = 1 Skywards Mile

How to convert your HSBC Reward Points

Log into the HSBC Rewards Program and choose Emirates Skywards as your preferred ‘Rewards for Miles’ partner. 

Add your details, quote your membership number and convert your Points.

Important information

HSBC Premier Rewards for Miles Program terms and conditions

1. Cardmembers who wish to participate in the HSBC Premier Rewards for Miles Program ('the Miles Program') must first become an Emirates Skywards member and obtain a Skywards membership number if they would like to redeem Rewards Program Points for Skywards Miles. 

2. Only Premier World Mastercard and Premier World Elite Mastercard Cardmembers (‘Cardmembers’) are eligible to participate in the Miles Program.

3. Cardmembers whose Premier World Mastercard credit card or Premier World Elite Mastercard Accounts (‘Accounts’) are valid and in good standing will be eligible to transfer the Rewards Program Points to their respective Emirates Skywards account. 

4. Once Points are transferred to Emirates Skywards for Miles through this program, they will be immediately deducted from available ‘Points’ in ‘the Rewards Program’. Points cannot be transferred back to the Account or re-transferred to another participating airline's frequent flyer / travel reward program account.

5. HSBC assumes no responsibility for Points transferred from a Premier World Mastercard or Premier World Elite Mastercard Rewards program Cardmember's Account to an Emirates Skywards account or for the actions of any participating airline in connection with its airline frequent flyer / travel reward program or otherwise.

6. Cardmembers may transfer Points to any valid and active Emirates Skywards account that they choose to. However, incomplete or inaccurate information cannot be processed. 

7. All questions or disputes regarding eligibility for redemptions within the Rewards Program or transferring Points under Emirates Skywards will be decided by HSBC at its sole discretion. 

8. Fraud and abuse relating to the earning and transferring of Points in the Rewards Program or in Emirates Skywards may result in the forfeiture of accumulated Points, as well as the cancellation of a Cardmember's credit card(s). 

9. The cardmembers are subject to, and must comply with, the rules of the Emirates Skywards program. It is the sole responsibility of Emirates Skywards to provide the cardmember a copy of the relevant program rules upon his/her enrollment in Emirates Skywards. 

10. Emirates Skywards may change its program rules, including regulations, policies, benefits and conditions of participation or mileage levels, in whole or in part at any time with or without notice, even though changes may affect the value of the free mileage already accumulated. 

11. The Emirates Skywards program participation in the Rewards for Miles Program is subject to change upon notice.

12. Emirates Skywards Program rules apply.