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The Souks

Famous the world over In particular, don’t miss the Dubai Gold Souk and the ancient Covered Souk.

The Souks

Area: Dubai

Dubai souks are famous the world over. In particular, don’t miss the Dubai Gold Souk and the ancient Covered Souk, as well as the electronics, fish, meat, vegetable, perfume, and spice souks. They’re all housed within the vibrant Deira area of Dubai. The souks are less labyrinthine than they were in the past, but these historic markets still offer hospitable trading and good-natured bartering.

The Textile Souk in Bur Dubai, a 5-minute abra ride away, completes the souks experience. With the exception of the fish market, visiting the souks is best in the late afternoon/early evening, as this is when activities are at their most lively.

Gold Souk—Dubai and gold go together; indeed, this souk is the reason many people come to Dubai. Astonishing displays in every shop window.
Fish Souk—A stunning array of fish, including many varieties you may never have seen before. Cleaning, gutting, and bargaining processes are as fascinating as they are polished. The Fish Souk is open 5:30a.m.–11:00a.m., but the vegetable market next door is open a little later.
Spice Souk—A real assault on the senses, with bursting bags of every conceivable spice under the sun spilling out onto the narrow streets.
Textile Souk (in Bur Dubai)—A treasure trove of rainbow hues, textures, weaves, and embroidery from around the world.

The Souks

The Souks

Address: The oldest parts of Bur Dubai and Deira, around the Creek

Hours: Usually 9:00a.m.–10:00p.m.

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