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Covering more than 7,000 islands, and with everything from sweeping beaches to active volcanoes, the Philippines is teeming with life and variety. This natural exuberance is reflected in its national character as well, helping to make the Philippines one of the most dynamic – and cheerful – countries in Asia. Learn more about Manila below, or see all our destinations on the Route Map.

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Cebu, Philippines

Fly Emirates to Cebu and discover a destination famed for its fast pace, busy yet welcoming streets, and ideal position as a gateway to the Philippines’ most beautiful beaches.

Clark, Philippines

Emirates flies daily to Clark. As an emerging cultural, business and leisure destination, Clark’s attractions include a range of golf courses and resorts, wellness spas, natural attractions like Mount Pinatubo, as well as a favorable environment for business.

Manila, Philippines

Fly Emirates to Manila, the sprawling, lively capital of the Philippines, and discover the city’s charm and exuberance. Explore the historic Intramuros district, Manila’s traditional center, or head to Makati’s gleaming malls and skyscrapers to see the city’s new commercial hub.

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