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About etickets

Fast and convenient—US English

All Emirates tickets are issued as etickets.All tickets for travel solely on Emirates flights are issued as etickets. If you are traveling with an infant and your reservation includes travel on another airline, the infant ticket will be issued as a paper ticket.

An eticket (or electronic ticket) is a ticketing option that eliminates the need for a physical ticket. Instead, your reservation details are stored securely in our computer. When it’s time to travel, simply present your receipt and passport when checking in at the airport.

If you're making an online reservation in most countries, there’s no need to visit a local office to pick up your ticket or wait to have it delivered; simply print out your receipt.

If booking directly at an Emirates office, you will be issued a receipt on the spot.

Every person traveling on an itinerary will get his or her own individual eticket, including children and infants.

Because your reservation information is stored with us, there’s no ticket to misplace or lose. And your travel details can easily be changed at any time, without having to produce a paper ticket or visit a ticket office.

Lost etickets

Because etickets are stored electronically in our systems, you cannot “lose” your eticket.

If you lose your printed eticket receipt, you have several options:

  • If you made your reservation online, you can print out the eticket receipt again from your confirmation email.
  • If you have your six-character booking reference number, you can log in to Manage a Booking to view and print your eticket.
  • If you made your reservation at a local Emirates office or travel agent, you can return to the office and request a replacement receipt.

We recommend you keep a copy of your eticket receipt with you throughout your journey—some airports require you to present a physical copy of your ticket when requested.

If you are traveling as part of a group, each person should keep a copy of his or her own eticket receipt.

Eticket refunds

If you need to request a refund, please fill in the eticket refund form.

Please note that for many reservations, refunds may incur a fee or may not be allowed, depending on the specific Terms & Conditions attached to the reservation.