Which changes can I make online?

You can make the following types of changes through the 'Manage a Booking' section on emirates.com:

Flight itinerary:

  • Dates / Times / Flights
  • Origin / Destinations
  • Add a stopover / remove a stopover
  • Route changes (round trip to one-way, open-jaw etc)
  • Change of cabin class (upgrade / downgrade)
  • Partial itinerary cancellation (cancel a single leg)

General booking changes:

  • Meal requests
  • Seat requests
  • Chauffeur-drive requests
  • Edit contact details
  • Update Frequent Flyer Information

If you need to make other changes, please contact your local Emirates office. Please note that if you need to make changes to a booking that includes travel on another airline, you may need to contact the other airline. If you booked with a travel agent, please contact them directly to make changes.

There may be a fee associated with making changes to your booking depending on the fare conditions of your ticket.