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Flights to Tunis

Flights to Tunis

Book your flights to Tunis with Emirates

Flights to Tunis, Tunisia

Fly Emirates to Tunis, the capital city of Tunisia, and experience our world-class service.

Emirates flies to Tunis from Dubai using our state-of-the-art fleet. You can experience luxurious private suites in First Class, deeply reclining comfort in Business Class and plenty of room to relax in Economy Class.

Enjoy ice, our onboard information, communications and entertainment system, in every class on your flight to Tunis, with access to 600 channels of on-demand entertainment as well as seatback SMS, email and satellite phone services.

Travel to Tunis

All flights to Tunis land at Carthage Airport, about four miles from the city centre. For onward travel after your Tunis flight, there are frequent, inexpensive buses, or you can take a taxi from the dedicated airport taxi stand. You can also arrange your own transport through local and international car hire companies following your flight to Tunis.

About Tunis

Tunis embraces the spirit of East and West, at a crossroads of North African and European cultures. The city’s ancient medina and contemporary New Town, although close geographically, are miles apart in character. Its Roman ruins at Carthage have long excited historians and visitors in unlocking clues to its fascinating past.

Although there have been fewer visitors following the 2011 unrest, Tunis is working hard to win tourists back, in particular reaching out to cultural seekers.

Find out more about what to explore with your flights to Tunis.

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