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Flights to Algiers

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About Algiers

The largest port and city in northwest Africa, Algiers has truly become the political and economic hub of Algeria.

The recent growth of its oil and gas industry is evident throughout the city. With ongoing construction and streets bustling with the latest brands from clothing to cars, Algiers is a nation on the move.


Step into a different century amongst the white stone streets of the ancient Casbah, located in the heart of the capital. Dominating the Casbah is the Citadel, which was the guarantor of peace and a safe haven in times of war, from as early as the 16th Century.

Get a bird’s eye view of the city from the centuries old Notre Dame d'Afrique Basilica, which overlooks the Bay of Algiers. For a ‘grass roots’ experience visit Didouche Mourad, one of the most vibrant streets in the city, and great for shopping and dining. After exploring the high-end brand names and restaurants in the Sidia Yahia district, enjoy the serenity of the historic Jardin d’Essai located in the city centre.


Algerian cuisine is influenced by a variety of cultures including Berber, Arabic and French, and its coastal position means plenty of options for seafood lovers. Choose from a wide selection of restaurants along the Rampe de la Pêcherie, where there is a taste for every palate.

Beyond Algiers

Visit the city of Batna in the north east of the country, with a lively art scene it exudes a distinct French European charm. Within easy reach of Batna is a glimpse into ancient history at the Roman ruins of Timgad, while just 45km away from the capital‘s airport is the famous resort town Sidi Fredj.

Explore the Tassili National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site and considered one of Algeria’s most fascinating places. Along with many natural wonders, the park is also home to an impressive collection of rock art and prehistoric cave paintings.

It is advisable to book a tour operator when visiting areas beyond city limits. A typical tour may include camel rides, biking and 4 wheel drive expeditions.

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