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Travel on your own terms with guaranteed rebooking

Enjoy more flexible rebooking terms than ever before. These days, international travel is a bit more complicated than it used to be, and we understand that. With quarantine and PCR requirements changing almost daily, we’ve made sure that you can still make plans to travel, without worrying about last minute cancellations or change of mind. Now, when you book a flight with Emirates, you can cancel and rebook at any time for up to 2 years, no money lost. Because everyone deserves that holiday.

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We’ve got you covered, with multi-risk travel insurance

Take the stress out of travel, and book your flights with peace of mind. We’re the first airline to provide multi‑risk travel insurance, including cover for COVID‑19 related issues and overseas medical expenses, with every flight booked on or after 1 December 2020. We’re keeping you safe on the journey and giving you extra security wherever you are in the world. Even better, the insurance is automatic with every flight booking - you don’t have to apply or fill out any extra forms. We’ve got it covered for you.

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Advanced air filters removing 99.97% of germs

Watch how we keep the cabin air clean, fresh, and germ-free throughout your flight. Our advanced HEPA filters are constantly in action, and remove almost 100% of any possible viruses, germs and allergens from the air and surroundings. Backed by state-of-the-art science, and inspired by your safety.

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