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Emirates Environmental Policy

Emirates Environmental Policy

Sustainability and eco-efficiency are the cornerstones of all Group operations – both in the air, and on the ground

Our vision is to make the Emirates Group an environmental leader in the aviation and travel industries. Our goals make sustainability and eco-efficiency the cornerstones of all Group operations – both in the air, and on the ground.

Our customers, staff and regulators are increasingly conscious about the environment and greenhouse gas emissions. Emirates has committed to environmentally-responsible operations through the Group’s Environmental Policy. This policy is implemented through the ‘Emvironment’ programme – which is communicated internally and externally to staff, customers and all stakeholders. Read here a copy of the Group's environmental policy.

Becoming an ecologically-efficient organisation means growing our business to be economically sustainable, while using fewer resources and creating less waste and pollution. If we achieve these aims, we achieve benefits for our customers, the environment and our business - the triple bottom line.

The Emirates Group’s commitment to eco-efficiency means multi-billion dollar investments in the most modern, eco-efficient technology available– in aircraft, engines and ground equipment. We strive to be leaders in eco-efficiency in our industry and in our region.

We are committed to operating our assets in the most environmentally-responsible manner, and in compliance with all applicable environmental regulations and standards.