A Commitment to Meeting the Environmental Challenge

Investing in efficiency

We recognise the importance of meeting the environmental challenges faced by both policymakers and airlines across the globe. In the air and on the ground, we act responsibly in the interests of our customers, our business and the natural environment.

From an EU environmental policy perspective, we have complied with all aspects of Europe’s emissions trading system (ETS) for aviation. We strongly support the proposals of ICAO and IATA for a global, sectoral approach to reducing aviation emissions and fully support IATA’s four-pillar strategy to reduce global aviation emissions: improved technology, effective operations, efficient infrastructure and positive economic measures.

To succeed in this area of environmental policy, we are spending billions of dollars on the most modern, low-noise, low-emission aircraft and working with national governments to make air navigation more efficient on our routes. Our investments in aircraft such as the A380 are key to this strategy: as well as being fuel efficient, the A380 is one of the quietest large aircraft ever produced, and with its large passenger capacity, it is ideal for busy airports that are constrained by slot availability and noise restrictions.