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Flights to Basra : Guide

Flights to Basra

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About Basra

When you fly to Basra, you are visiting one of the oldest and most important trading ports in the Middle East. Since ancient times, Basra has been known as ‘the prosperous city.’ Used as a vital hub for transporting goods from all across the globe, Basra, founded in AD 636, earned its place in history as a vibrant, bustling trading post. Even today, most goods and materials entering Iraq pass through Basra’s seaport.

Even though the city has undergone hardships over the past few years, the economic boom that it is experiencing now, thanks to the rich oil reserves it possess–the fourth largest in the world, is bringing new business as well as friends and families back to this revitalised city.

Visitors to Basra will marvel at the growth that the city is experiencing due to the thriving oil industry, whilst still absorbing its rich local heritage. Along with the delightful flavours of the local cuisine, travellers will also feel a sense of the magic that this wondrous city has by visiting Sumer, the home of the famous fictional hero ‘Sinbad the sailor’.

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