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Go on a NaniKore! Joshitabi with Emirates

What’s that! A collection of amazing travel experiences. For short: NaniKore! With Emirates’ luxurious flights, experience the incredible and fantastic in Dubai. And even more, with over 135 destinations around the world to give you a taste of the unexpected. Don’t go on an ordinary journey. Your dream travel experience filled with surprises and excitement is waiting for you. Now, go on a NaniKore! Joshitabi with Emirates.
  • Dazzling Dubai Frame

    At 150m high and 93m wide, it has the Guinness World Record title as the world’s largest frame. Set your sights on Old Dubai in the north and New Dubai in the south from the observation deck on the top floor. Feel like you’re walking on air as you walk on the glass floors and learn about Dubai’s past and future. The Dubai Frame is a unique attraction packed with a charm you can only experience here.
  • Dubai Fountain’s overwhelming scale

    With a length of 275m and a height of 150m, it is the world’s largest fountain show. 
    Taking place twice during the day and every 30 minutes at night, the show is free for you to enjoy every day. Be amazed by this unmissable super-sized fountain show that brings people from around the world to Dubai, just to see its captivating pay of light and sound. 
  • A fantastic desert and pool fusion

    An infinity pool set up in a villa nestled in the middle of the desert. It is only in Dubai that you can swim in a pool that blends into a desert stretching as far as the eye can see. Watch the sun set in the desert surrounded by water – a fantastic experience beyond imagination.
  • Incredible nature close to the city

    Beyond Dubai’s remarkable urban development is the desert, stretching to what seems to be infinity. More than just a modern hub, it is also home to natural beauty. Immerse yourself in nature with a range of activities, like driving through the dunes in a 4WD, and enjoy Dubai’s desert to the fullest.
  • A surprising combination: the beach and camels

    A beach resort near the ever-growing city of Dubai. Only here can you enjoy a camel ride on the beach. On one side, the skyscrapers, on the other, a lively beach. This sight, enjoyed from the back of a camel, is a valuable memory unique to Dubai.
  • Go on a royal shopping spree

    Souk Madinat Jumeirah is a market connecting four hotels within a large resort complex. It has many restaurants and cafés, as well as shops displaying local products and accessories such as carpets and sundries. Enjoy shopping as you immerse yourself in Arabian sounds and scents. This is a must-do experience when you travel to Dubai.
  • Traditions are best experienced with your eyes and your nose

    The Spice Souk is home to shops selling dried fruits, herbal tea and, of course, spices. The colourful storefronts will make you want to take out your camera to capture the scene. Enjoy the traditional Middle-Eastern atmosphere with your eyes and your nose. This spot shouldn’t be missed by those who want to add a bit of spice to their travel memories.
  • The variety of Dubai’s cuisine

    The UAE is a multicultural country with a great variety of cuisines from different cultures. From Indian to Italian, French and even Japanese cuisine, anything is available here. Above all, local dishes are a must-have during your trip to Dubai. The aromas and fragrances unique to the Middle East will surely give you an unforgettable flavour.
  • Take a moment to relax

    A relaxing experience at the spa is an essential part of a Joshitabi to Dubai. 
    The city is home to world-class spas, but why not try a local style one?
    Unwind and let the attentive staff pamper and soothe you on the beach or desert.
  • Not your usual in-flight meals

    Our meals in Business Class are prepared by expert chefs. Rediscover the charms of genuine Japanese cuisine or choose regional meals that give you a taste of the world with every bite. There is so much variety, you would not imagine you are on board an aircraft. All of that combined with some of the finest cutlery, you’ll truly experience a new level of comfort in the air.
  • A special lounge above the clouds

    An Onboard Lounge with cocktails and snacks 40,000 feet above the ground. Have a memorable experience at a space you wouldn’t expect to find onboard an aircraft. Take your time and make new friends and partners at this Onboard Lounge unique to Emirates.
  • Unmatched in-flight entertainment

    ice, Emirates’ in-flight entertainment system, has over 4,500 channels of the latest movies, popular TV shows and live sports that you just can't miss. With so many channels available, you’re sure to find what you like most. Flying won’t mean boredom ever again.
  • Emirates Cabin Crew

    With our cabin crew’s uniforms, you know straight away you’re flying on an airline from Dubai. Its unique design simply exudes a distinct Arabian air, while the crew themselves come from over 130 countries, including Japan, and speak more than 60 languages. Their service is, of course, of the highest standards, with a commitment to providing you the best travel experience down to the smallest detail.
  • Starry skies for a romantic ambience

    At night, the cabin’s ceiling turns into a starry sky, creating a romantic space. Even your time spent in flight will become an irreplaceable travel memory. These shining stars simply add to your extraordinary experience with Emirates.
  • Connect with onboard Wi-Fi

    Enjoy 20MB of free Wi-Fi use within two hours of login. Use it to chat or text with your friends and family. You can also sign up for more data to check social networks, emails or simply browse the internet. Emirates’ onboard Wi-Fi promises you a comfortable flight.

Fly to over 135 destinations

Emirates operates in 6 continents and to over 135 destinations from its hub in Dubai. Whether to the main capitals or key cities, you can go on any Nanikore! Joshitabi.
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