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Flights to Mashhad get busy during pilgrimage season, as it’s Iran’s holiest city. Mashhad is also home to an impressive dining scene.

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Flights to Mashhad

Lying 850km north-east of the capital Tehran is Mashhad, Iran’s holiest city. Known throughout the world as a place of pilgrimage, it’s home to the shrine of Imam Reza, the eighth Shia Imam. More than 20 million Muslims convene here every year to commemorate the martyrdom of the Imam. The beautiful and atmospheric shrine is housed within the largest mosque in the world by dimension and the second largest by capacity.

Imam Reza was poisoned in the ninth century, back when the city was no more than a small village known as Sanabad. After his death, many pilgrims decided to relocate to be near his shrine, and Sanabad grew to become Mashhad, meaning City of Martyrdom.

Today, the spirituality of the city attracts honeymooners wishing to bless their marriage in the presence of the Imam, as well as families and travellers looking to explore Iran’s tourist sites. In addition to the glorious shrine, Mashhad has the accolade of Iran’s highest concentration of waterparks as well as a vibrant shopping and dining scene.

When you book flights to Mashhad, you can experience luxury hospitality in the numerous five-star hotels or budget-friendly accommodation in family-run establishments. During major pilgrimage seasons, the city is at full capacity as it welcomes millions of visitors, and advanced booking is essential for hotels and transport.

With the second highest population in Iran, Mashhad is home to more than 3.1 million people, creating a vibrant culture of arts and music. Many of the region’s most renowned poets and writers came from Mashhad, and it’s home to the Middle East’s oldest library, with a history dating back more than six centuries.

Mashhad has a varied climate; during the winter months, its beautiful parks and mosques are occasionally dusted by snow, whereas the summer months soak the city in brilliant sunshine. The all-weather climate also helps provide an enticing local menu, including Iran’s favourite shishlik and barg kebabs. Another local delicacy not to be missed is Mashhad’s very own variety of ice cream, known as ice pack, which can be enjoyed in multiple ice pack bars dotted around the city.

The city is well connected, with its own international airport welcoming visitors from Iran’s other major cities and beyond.

See the mausoleum of Ferdowsi

The famous author of The Book of Kings, arguably the most influential and important piece of Persian literature, is fittingly celebrated through a memorial almost poetic in its structure. After living and dying near modern Mashhad, Ferdowsi was considered the best Persian poet of all time. His mausoleum is situated just north of Mashhad, and features a striking and grand marble gravestone that will leave visitors in awe.

Khorasan Razavi
+98 51 224 8336

Visit the Imam Reza Shrine

This stunning complex houses the famous mausoleum of Imam Reza. The world’s largest mosque by dimension also includes the University of Islamic Sciences, a library, museum and a large number of prayer rooms. A vast array of reds and browns lace the carpeted floors, while striking golds and blues bring the main gates and domes to life.

Khorasan Razavi

Vakil Abad Park and Zoo

Vakil Abad Zoo sits parallel to the Abad Forest, 70 hectares of beautiful green and lush gardens. A sweeping valley, seasonal river and fresh produce complete the setting before you’ve even entered the zoo itself. The park is full of beautiful and exotic animals and is the only zoo in the Khorasan province.

Vakil Abad Avenue
Khorasan Razavi

See the Torghabeh countryside

Just outside of Mashhad centre you can find Torghabeh, a beautiful and quaint village set upon a mountainside. Nestled between two valleys, it’s many locals’ favourite getaway from the bustle of the city. Its stunning setting, silk rivers, lush gardens and flowers make for a charming day. However, it’s when the sun goes down the village truly springs into life.

18km from the city centre
Off Vakil Abad Avenue

Spend the day at Kooh Sangi Park

Mashhad boasts some of the best parks in the province and Kooh Sangi fits the bill with gusto. A huge setting, filled with edgy rock faces, water features bursting with life, children’s attractions, and much more – you can happily get lost in Kooh Sangi for hours.

Asadi Avenue

See the Tomb of Khajeh Rabi

There are so many beautiful tombs to experience in Mashhad, both haunting and awe-inspiring. One of particular significance is that of Khajeh Rabi, known to be a companion of the Prophet Muhammad himself, as well as army general. This magnificent mausoleum, surrounded by stunning gardens, is a true testament to the General, standing on the riverside, overlooking the northern edge of Mashhad. The dome itself is 18m high.


Karim’s Sons Restaurant (Iranian)

Serving hearty and traditional Iranian cuisine, this restaurant receives rave reviews for the delicious meat and kebabs on offer. Served in friendly and humble surroundings, Karim’s Sons Restaurant deliver an authentic Iranian dining experience at reasonable prices.

Khorasan Razavi
Farhad 22
+98 51 3768 5053

Almas Restaurant (Iranian)

This popular dining spot is located on the ground floor of the Almas Hotel. With high ceilings and pillars lending a rather grand ambience, you’ll be happy to know that the prices are very reasonable. Serving up local delicacies, this is a great place to indulge in Iranian food.

Khorasan Razavi
Emam Reza
+98 51 3854 2683

Grill House (Italian and Iranian)

One of the oldest pizzerias in Mashhad, this family-run Italian restaurant is popular among locals. While the thin and crispy home-made pizzas are what the restaurant is known for, it also serves Iranian delicacies.

Khorasan Razavi
Kuh Sangi
Abouzar Ghaffari Boulevard
+98 51 3845 5510

Baba Qudrat (Iranian)

Set in a historic courtyard, this restaurant oozes culture and gothic ambience with its arched doors and ceilings. Offering Iranian food at competitive prices, this restaurant is the place to go to experience a taste of local history.

Baba Ghodrat Tourist Complex
17 Shahrivar

Olive Garden (Italian/ International)

Stylish and modern, Olive Garden attracts Mashhad’s young trendy crowd. The menu includes a variety of Italian pastas and salads as well as grilled steak with all the trimmings.

Sajad Boulevard
Baharestan Avenue
Bahar 10
Mina Alley
+98 51 3761 2336

Steak House (International)

As the name suggests, steaks and grilled meat are the speciality dishes here. The restaurant is widely regarded as offering the best steaks in the city and the food is served in a romantically lit, cosy setting.

Sajjad Shahr
Baharestan 14

Homa 2 Hotel

Regarded as one of the city’s upscale hotels, the Homa Hotel offers large and airy bedrooms. There’s a good range of amenities including a large swimming pool, small shops and pleasant gardens, as well as numerous restaurants serving international and Iranian cuisine. Another Homa Hotel in the city is currently under construction.

Khorasan Razavi
Khayam Boulevard
+98 51 3761 1001

Pars International Hotel

Located in the north-west of Mashhad, Pars International Hotel is just 5km from the city centre. The nearest train station is conveniently right opposite the hotel for those wishing to explore. Being relatively removed from the hustle and bustle of the city, this hotel is peaceful and quiet. When booking, ask for a room with lake views.

Sayed Shirazi Junction
+98 51 3868 9201 (Arabic language website)

Pardisan Hotel

This five-star hotel in Mashhad boasts 162 rooms and suites. It’s located in the south-west of the city in a quiet suburb, and offers a daily complimentary shuttle service to the holy shrine of Imam Reza, making it a good base for sightseeing. Plus, there are decent restaurants and fitness facilities on site.

Razavi Boulevard
Next to Seda Sima Park
Kalantari Expressway
+98 51 3879 1820

Javad Hotel

Located within walking distance of the shrine of Imam Reza, this four-star hotel is ideal for guests visiting Mashhad during the pilgrimage seasons. This city centre property offers a restaurant and a coffee shop, and there are other eateries and shops close by.

Imam Reza 3
+98 51 3222 4135

Iran Hotel

Located in the religious quarter of the city, the Iran Hotel is a short walk to the Imam Reza shrine and a few other historical sites. This hotel is ideal for guests looking to experience authentic Iranian culture and the local food served in the hotel’s restaurant is also recommended.

Andarzgoo Avenue
+98 51 3222 8010 (Arabic language website)

Razi Hotel

This small budget-friendly property offers basic but comfortable accommodation. What it may lack in amenities it makes up for in service as the staff are friendly and keen to help. Razi Hotel is a short distance from the Imam Reza shrine and it is an affordable option even during the peak pilgrimage seasons.

Razi Gharbi Street
+98 51 1854 4099

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