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Life through an Emirates Cabin Crew Lens

DUBAI, U.A.E., 12 March 2015: Six members of Emirates’ Cabin Crew team have been given the unique opportunity to showcase their life, travels and experiences using the official Emirates’ Instagram page (https://instagram.com/emirates). The campaign will be from March to April and will be run exclusively by the six cabin crew members.                   

Coming from different backgrounds and positions within the cabin crew team, this month, Emirates’ Instagram fans can follow their myriad stories as they travel around the world and capture the spirit of crew life through their photographs.  

The six crew were selected through a competition run amongst the nearly 20,000 Emirates cabin crew, and were chosen based on their visual story telling style, as well as their passion for travel and enthusiasm for capturing different cultures and new experiences.

“This is a very exciting first initiative using our Instagram platform, especially as it is a social media channel that is so popular amongst the crew community. It aligns with our Hello Tomorrow brand proposition, because at Emirates, it’s not just about getting from one place to another, it’s about connecting people and being a part of a social experience. This campaign gives us an opportunity to bring that sentiment to life,” says Boutros Boutros, Emirates’ Divisional Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications, Marketing & Brand.”

For the selected six crew, the aspiration is to not only bring people together, but to also give people the chance to discover places they haven’t been to or may dream about visiting someday. Emirates currently has 400,000 followers, and is the world’s largest travel, transport and airline brand on Instagram.

Meet the crew:

Ammor Alsaadi

From: Syria

Cabin Crew for: 12 years, currently operating as a Purser

Ask me for tips on: “Anything about cameras, lenses and operating DSLR cameras!”

Amy Bartholomew

From: Australia

Cabin Crew for: two years, currently operating in the Business Class cabin

Ask me for tips on: “The best places to shop in each city! Whether it be market stalls or luxury items you’re looking for I can tell you all the best spots to shop until you drop!”

Andrew Tapper

From: New Zealand

Cabin Crew for: Eight Months, currently operating in the Economy Class cabin

My funniest/strangest travel experience: Starring as an extra in a hit Bollywood film during a trip to Mumbai.

Chonticha Suppermsathien

From: Thailand

Cabin Crew for: Five years, currently operating in the First Class cabin

Ask me for tips on: How to take photos of yourself when traveling solo! People always ask me “Who is your photographer? But really most of my pictures are just well thought out selfies!”

Imad Boujemaoui

From: Belgium

Cabin Crew for: Four years, currently operating in the First Class cabin

Fun Fact: “I carry with me The Flash costume on every layover and wear it in front of famous monuments/buildings and then take photos and send them to my seven year old nephew who loves them! You can find them on Instagram under the hashtag #theflasharoundtheworld”

Oksana Marchenko

From: Ukraine

Cabin Crew for: One year, currently operating in the Business Class cabin

My coolest experience yet has been: I have met more than 30 of my Instagram followers in all different countries around the world. Photos really speak a thousand words.”

Stay connected to our six cabin crew members at https://instagram.com/emirates.