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Emirates Group celebrates UAE National Day with heritage activities and live performances

Dubai, UAE, 29 November 2022 – The Emirates Group today celebrated the UAE’s 51st National Day at its headquarters in Dubai with colourful cultural activities and live performances, putting the spotlight on the country’s heritage and its energy for the future.

His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman and Chief Executive of Emirates Airline & Group, commemorated the eventful day with a cake-cutting ceremony, followed by a tour of the various booths and displays.

Observances- UAE National Day- Al-ayyala

Adding colour to the festivities was the Sharjah National Band who performed ‘Al-Ayyala’ - a traditional celebratory dance.

Observances- UAE National Day- Tally and Burqa

Displaying quintessential aspects of Emirati culture, skilled craftswomen showcased handcrafted ‘Burqas’ – woven face covers traditionally worn by Emirati women and made of delicate silk; and ‘tally’ - a traditional embellishment technique that uses several lines of vibrantly coloured cotton, silk and nylon threads to create an intricate design. Also popular with the Group’s Emirati employees and their expatriate colleagues, was the henna art booth, Arabic coffee roasting station and a display of traditional artefacts. Children of employees also enjoyed activities in a dedicated children’s corner.

Observances- UAE National Day- The National Orchestra

Seven professional Emirati musicians from the National Orchestra took the stage and played the National Anthem and other local traditional songs using instruments such as the iconic Oud and the traditional Qanun.

This year’s UAE National Day celebrations at the Emirates Group was supported by The Emirates Group Youth Council which comprises of 10 Emiratis from across the organisation. Established by the Federal Youth Authority with the purpose of empowering and strengthening the future makers of the society, the Group’s Youth Council is tasked with setting initiatives that inspire their Emirati colleagues and providing opportunities for the local talent to showcase their creativity through various platforms. With their enthusiasm and commitment, the Emirates Group Youth Council helped to identify prominent Emirati talent and business providers to contribute to the Group’s National Day activities.

The Emirates Group, as well as people and organisations across the UAE, celebrate the country’s union on 2 December every year with an array of activities that demonstrate national pride.