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Time at home, means time with family

Now more than ever, we are discovering the true value of being close to our loved ones. That’s what really matters at Ramadan. And although some of us may be apart, and friends will celebrate from a distance, we have truly never been more united and together than this Ramadan. Stay safe, stay home, and enjoy extra peaceful blessings with your family this year.

An Emirates culinary expedition

Though we might not be traveling this Ramadan, we can still discover new cuisines from different cultures in our own kitchens. Impress the family with your culinary skills, and recreate a tasty Emirates dish from our regionally-inspired food channel. For those breaking the fast, taking suhoor, or cooking Iftar, why not try our chefs’ recipes for nourishing Arabic soup, spicy prawn machbous, or creamy lamb biryani?

Start cooking

Stay safe and stay at home

Have a safe Ramadan, and find new and special ways to connect with family and friends this year. Make Dua for the future gatherings we will all enjoy together once again.

And don’t forget to stay healthy, hydrate with water and juice, and eat juicy fruits when you break your fast. Try to avoid coffee or tea, and skip the spice so you don’t get extremely thirsty while fasting.

Ramadan around the world

There’s never been a better time to immerse yourself in the traditions and history of Ramadan. Make the most of extra moments to brush up on your Ramadan vocabulary, share stories with family, and spark your imagination by discovering how other countries celebrate this holiday of giving and self-improvement.

From the purifying bathing rituals of Indonesia, parades of drummers of Morocco and Turkey and colourful lanterns in Egypt, now is the perfect time to realise how much our different cultures really have in common.

United through generosity

Being physically apart doesn’t mean we can’t stick together this Ramadan. Spread the Middle Eastern hospitality, and continue the spirit of giving from our homes this year. As well as being generous amongst ourselves, we can all still find ways to support and give back to the community around us.

If you’re ordering in, look to support local food businesses. While we may not be able to share our culinary creations, we can contribute to local food banks and non-profits so that everyone has access to iftar meals this Ramadan - find ways to safely donate goods or provisions. And the best way is to provide emotional support to friends and family through virtual tools, putting the social back into social distancing.

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