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Flights to Buenos Aires

Flights to Buenos Aires

About Buenos Aires

The city, with three million inhabitants, has 48 neighbourhoods to explore.  But the most visited by tourists are The Abasto, Puerto Madero, San Telmo, Recoleta, Palermo, and La Boca.

Buenos Aires is Argentina's most popular destination, and is home to many of the most iconic landmarks in the country, particularly the Casa Rosada and The Metropolitan Cathedral, both in Plaza de Mayo. La Recoleta Cemetery is visited by many to see the tomb of Eva Peron among many rich and famous citizens.

You’ll find many easy options for travel in the city, including six subway lines and over one hundred bus lines and railways. You can also find taxis and private transfers.

Plaza de Mayo

Located in the neighbourhood of Montserrat, The Plaza de Mayo is the main square in the centre of Buenos Aires. Its current name commemorates  the May Revolution of 1810 that led to Argentina’s independence from Spain in 1816. Several of the city’s major landmarks are located around the Plaza including the Casa Rosada, the Presidential Palace where Eva Peron talked to the people from the balcony.

Puerto Madero

Puerto Madero is the most expensive and exclusive neighbourhood in the city where every street has been named after a woman. It represents the largest urban renewal project in Buenos Aires as it was once an area filled with docks and warehouses.  It is very popular with both the locals and the tourists as there are five-star hotels, theatres, galleries, multi-national restaurants, multiple bars and cafes and extensive green areas dedicated to leisure activities such as the Natural Park and Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve.

San Telmo

San Telmo is the oldest neighbourhood of Buenos Aires surrounded by cafes, tango parlours and antique shops. When you are in San Telmo you should not miss the Hippopotamus Café, San Telmo Fair and the Museum of Modern Art. On the street you can also find dancers and artists performing for the tourists.

La Boca

The neighbourhood of La Boca became known by the famous "Caminito", a block of streets where only pedestrians are allowed. The houses made of painted metal plates (usually with bright and flashy colours) are famous around the world, along with the artists who show their talent and skill to all visitors. Besides being recognised for its architecture and art, La Boca neighbourhood is the cradle of creation for two of the biggest soccer clubs in the country, the Boca Junior (with the stadium "La Bombonera" located in the neighbourhood) and River Plate (which later moved to the most noble area of Belgrano).

Dining and Nightlife

Buenos Aires has more than 3,500 restaurants including fine dining, international fast food, and snack bars as well as  a multitude of classic barbecue, even on the sidewalks. Recent years have seen the emergence of new gastronomic neighbourhoods such as Puerto Madero, Palermo Viejo and Las Cañitas.

Experience a special meal at El Biestro, perhaps the most prominent restaurant in Buenos Aires (located in the legendary Hotel Faena) run by Mariano Cid de la Paza, a protégé of the famous Spanish chef, Ferran Adria. You can also enjoy one of the notable coffee shops in the city such as the Café Tortoni with its art nouveau style. Don’t forget to try a delicious hot chocolate at La Rambla.

Buenos Aires is world famous for its nightlife with trendy nightclubs such as Niceto Club, one of the city's most trendsetting nightspots. There you can enjoy traditional South American styles and rhythms mixed with electronic. Don’t miss Wednesday's underground party at Zizek, one of the best nightclubs in town.

Buenos Aires is also very well known for the tango, danced to a remarkable music that distinguishes the city from any other in the world. If you want to experience a tango, head to the Centro Cultural Torquato Tasso, a venue in which respected artists perform regularly.

Beyond Buenos Aires

Iguazu Falls

Considered a natural heritage of humanity, the Iguazu Falls is located between the National Park of Iguaçu, in Brazil and Iguazú National Park in Misiones, Argentina. Most visitors reach the falls on the Argentina side through the city of Puerto Iguazú. If tourists want to visit the waterfalls on the Brazilian side, they must apply in person for a visa at the Brazilian Consulate in the Argentine city of Puerto Iguazú.


El Calafate is a small town in the province of Santa Cruz, near  the border with Chile.  The biggest attraction is the extraordinary Glacier National Park, which has the largest glacier in the world: Perito Moreno Glacier.


The City of Mendoza is famous for Mount Aconcagua and its “Malbec” wines. A relaxed place full of beauty with views of the snow-capped Andes in the distance. The recently renovated Wine Route is another classic attraction in town. You can visit several wineries, tasting the wines which have made this region famous worldwide.

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