Economic Impact of Emirates Flights

Our economic impact in India

A 2012 study by the National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER), India's premier economic institution specialising in policy research, outlines the impact of Emirates’ services on the Indian economy and assesses the benefits that additional services would provide.

This substantial report from NCAER is an objective analysis of our operations to India, our most important international destination with a frequency of 176 weekly flights. NCAER found that our operations contribute over US$596 million to India’s GDP, support over 72,000 Indian jobs and generate US$1.153 billion in foreign exchange earnings. In its comprehensive analysis, NCAER quantifies our contribution to the Indian economy and the value of global connectivity, and also models the benefits that would result from lifting the current restraints on capacity and destinations served.

Download report “Emirates in India: Assessment of Economic Impact and Regional Benefits” PDF (1.43 MB)

In 2014, the aeronautical authorities of India and the UAE negotiated the first expansion of seat entitlements since 2008. As a result, Dubai-based carriers were awarded an additional 11,000 seats per week. In 2015 NCAER produced another study which models the economic value of this increase in seats and potential future bilateral increases. NCAER’s updated analysis found that with an enhanced capacity of 6,000 seats per week our operations would contribute an additional $848.6 million to India’s GDP and support over 86,000 jobs.

Download report “Emirates' Operations in India” PDF (0.64 MB)