A gourmet Chinese restaurant; with a modern contemporary feel and a view of the world’s tallest building


Area: Downtown Burj Khalifa, Dubai

You can expect an upbeat and sophisticated evening at Hukama, with a choice of traditional provincial cuisines from China.

Gourmet ingredients such as caviar and lobster paired with authentic flavour combinations help to create a luxurious interpretation of fusion and contemporary Chinese cuisine.

Local delicacies such as pistachios are also creatively used in the menu and combined with common Chinese ingredients to provide an interesting twist and a new taste sensation. Definitely an adventure for the taste buds.

The décor of the restaurant is sophisticated and elegant with stylish Oriental touches. The private dining room with its heavy door and giant chandelier is a showstopper.

Price rating: $$$$


Address: The Address, Downtown Burj Dubai.

Opening hours: 17:00 to 00:00.

Tel: +971 4 4368888

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