Seamless connections
from Haneda to Dubai, and beyond

Fly with Emirates from Haneda International Airport in Tokyo to Dubai, and save your time. Enjoy convenient connection times to Europe or Africa, and experience our exceptional service, award-winning inflight entertainment and regionally inspired gourmet cuisine.

If you are travelling in Business Class or First Class, book our complimentary Chauffeur-drive service and make the most of every moment of your journey.

From Tokyo (Haneda) to Europe

Departure from Tokyo (Haneda) to EuropeDeparture time from Tokyo (Haneda)Arrival time in EuropeConnection time in Dubai
Bologna, Italy00:3012:3501:40
Budapest, Hungary12:0501:30
Dusseldorf, Germany12:4501:15
Frankfurt, Germany12:4501:20
Geneva, Switzerland12:4501:20
Hamburg, Germany12:5501:30
Istanbul, Turkey13:5003:25
London (Heathrow), United Kingdom13:3502:20
Milan, Italy13:1001:50
Moscow, Russia14:2002:40
Munich, Germany12:3501:25
Prague, Czech12:3501:35
Rome, Italy12:4001:40
St. Petersburg, Russia14:3502:00
Venice, Italy13:2002:20
Vienna, Austria12:3001:55

From Europe to Tokyo (Haneda)

Departure from Europe to Tokyo (Haneda)Departure time from EuropeArrival time in Tokyo (Haneda)Connection time in Dubai
Dusseldorf, Germany20:4522:45*02:15
Frankfurt, Germany20:3002:15
London (Gatwick), United Kingdom20:2501:15
London (Heathrow), United Kingdom20:1501:25
Milan, Italy21:2002:00
Moscow, Russia00:0502:05
Munich, Germany21:3001:55
Paris, France21:2501:15
Rome, Italy20:4503:00
Vienna, Austria22:0001:40

From Tokyo (Haneda) to Africa

Departure from Tokyo (Haneda) to AfricaDeparture time from Tokyo (Haneda)Arrival time in AfricaConnection time in Dubai
Abuja, Nigeria00:3015:4503:30
Cape Town, South Africa16:2501:25
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania15:0003:10
Durban, South Africa17:0503:20
Harare, Zimbabwe17:1002:05
Johannesburg, South Africa16:2002:45
Luanda, Angola15:1003:00
Lusaka, Zambia14:4002:05
Nairobi, Kenya14:4503:15

From Africa to Tokyo (Haneda)

Departure from Africa to Tokyo (Haneda)Departure time from AfricaArrival time in Tokyo (Haneda) Connection time in Dubai
Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire16:0522:4502:30
Accra, Ghana18:3002:30
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania23:3502:10
Durban, South Africa19:1003:00
Harare, Zimbabwe18:5001:35
Johannesburg, South Africa19:0503:20
Luanda, Angola18:1503:40
Lusaka, Zambia21:4001:35
Nairobi, Kenya23:3502:55

*Next day arrival (except departure from Moscow).

All flight times are subject to change. See flight time table

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