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Flights to Russia

Everything in Russia is larger than life, from the museums to the churches to the rivers to the cities (and even the portion sizes). The country’s history is so huge that it can be witnessed everywhere – including in the architecture, the food and the people. Mesmerising, compelling and utterly thrilling, flights to Russia should be on top of everyone’s travel list.

Moscow, with its Soviet-era landmarks, gilded onion-like domes and upper-crust populace is a magnet for anyone interested in art food and life. You could (and should) spend days exploring the city’s glamorous nightlife venues and internationally-renowned eateries. Of course, there are also the unmissable, iconic landmarks – the Kremlin, Red Square, the Bolshoi – too many to list. Muscovites work hard and play harder, so come here prepared to do the same.

Russia’s former capital, St Petersburg, is so full of stunning cathedrals, world-class museums, royal palaces, parks and historic buildings once inhabited by Russia’s great writers and politicians, that it’s hard to find time for the other stuff, like strolling on the riverbanks and shopping in its food halls.

Outside Russia’s major cities there lies a host of smaller towns and villages; imbued with a unique sense of history. Hop on the Trans-Siberian Railway to fly through time zone after time zone. Go skiing in the mountains, read Tolstoy in a 19th century coffeehouse, check out subversive new art, steam out your troubles in a sauna, peruse the paintings in The Hermitage, dance the night away to world-class DJs, check out Pushkin’s country estate – the possibilities are endless. Russia’s history – the stuff in the past and the one it’s creating right now – are enthralling.

Our destinations in Russia
The centuries-old capital of Russia was the heart of the Soviet Union. Yet whilst history abounds, Moscow also looks forward with charm and grace.
Palaces and cathedrals, canals and bridges, art and caviar – flights to St Petersburg transport you to a dream city.

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