Economic Benefits of Emirates Flights

Our economic impact in the US

Emirates has published the results of a new economic impact study ‘The Economic Impact of Emirates in the United States’ written by Campbell-Hill.

The study shows that in 2015 alone Emirates’ impact in the US is substantial: a total of $21.3 billion* in revenue contributed to the US economy, including the creation of $10.5 billion in GDP and $6.4 billion in labour income, and more than 104,000 jobsAnnual Impact based on 2015 data and operations. supported.

To view the press release, executive summary and full report, along with an infographic that highlights the key findings of the study, please click on the links below.

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Analysis by US airports and regions

Independent analysis by various US airports and regions show that in addition to offering passengers and shippers more competitive and convenient air service options, our flights produce substantial economic and job benefits for the US cities that we serve. 

In November 2014, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey completed an assessment of the economic impact of Emirates' operation in New York. Their assessment estimated that Emirates' triple daily flights to and from JFK in 2013 supported 3,720 jobs in the New York-New Jersey metropolitan region, with US$190 million in wages as well as US$530 million in total regional activity. 

A study by the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation found that a long-haul flight such as ours to LAX generates US$623.5 million in annual benefits to the US economy, sustains 3,120 direct and indirect jobs in Southern California and produces US$156 million in annual wages.

Houston Airport System and the University of Houston modelled the impact of the launch of a daily Emirates flight to Houston on the US economy. The results showed the expected benefits would be US$257 million a year as well as 98,000 new passengers a year travelling to or through Houston. The Emirates flight was also predicted to produce US$227 million in economic benefits annually for the Dallas/Fort Worth region in terms of additional visitors, business ties and investments, according to DFW Airport estimates.

The Greater Orlando Aviation Authority estimates Emirates’ Orlando service will generate more than US$140 million in annual economic activity and supports over 1,400 jobs, which could increase to US$188 million with an aircraft upgrade.

Similarly, the annual economic impact to Broward County as a direct and indirect result of Emirates’ new Fort Lauderdale service is estimated to be more than US$100 million and create approximately 1,000 new jobs.

The estimated total annual local economic value to 10 of the 12 airports and surrounding regions Emirates flies to in the US exceeds US$3.2 billion.

Download the report