Germany-UAE: A Strategic Partnership

Strengthening UAE and Germany ties

The UAE and Germany signed a strategic partnership agreement in 2004, further enhancing strong ties in political, economic and cultural areas.

"The UAE is our most important economic partner in the Arab region… We are interested in intensifying our economic relations."
– HE Dr. Angela Merkel, German Federal Chancellor

The economic partnership between the two countries is considerable: the UAE is the largest buyer of German products in the Arab world and Germany’s 5th biggest export market outside Europe, with German exports to the UAE reaching EUR 14.62 billion in 2015 (+28% over 2014). The trade balance is overwhelmingly (88%) in Germany’s favour. There are some 1,000 German companies operating in the UAE, approximately 600 of them in Dubai.

Emirati investors increasingly choose Germany for their multi-million euro investments in a wide range of German industries and companies. Visitor numbers from the Arab Gulf States into Germany have also been increasing rapidly, outperforming the growth rate of German international tourist arrivals as a whole. Visitors from the Gulf tend to stay in Germany for 13 days on average, with a mean spending per holiday trip of EUR 4,895; or EUR 375 per day. Emirates’ flights to Germany have played a catalytic role in strengthening the excellent economic partnership between the two countries.