A Shared Consumer Focus

Leading the way in consumer transparency

In 2015/16, we transported 14 million passengers to and from the EU, an increase of 10% over the previous period. We are deeply committed to providing an attractive value proposition and a choice of departure points beyond the main EU capital cities. For example, before we entered the market, there were no direct long-haul intercontinental options for passengers in cities such as Newcastle, Hamburg, Nice and Venice, hence valuable time was wasted by transiting through congested capital city hubs.

On an individual consumer level, we support the efforts of Europe’s policymakers to clarify consumer protection interests in air transport, and we were recently commended regarding consumer transparency in our online reservation practices and inclusive pricing.

"I commend Emirates Airline as a non-EU carrier for the observance of Community law and for the commitment to maintain these standards and to consumer protection in general..."
– Meglena Kuneva, former European Commissioner for Consumer Affairs

We will continue to focus on consumer transparency, in line with the EU’s strong policy objectives in this field.