Global Connectivity

Connecting India with the world

Of the 5.5 million passengers who travelled to or from India with Emirates in 2015/16, 89% travelled from Dubai or points on Emirates’ global network that are not currently served by Indian carriers. When comparing route networks, Emirates and Indian carriers only competed directly on 20 points, which contributed just 11% of Emirates’ India traffic.

A 2011 Oxford Economics paper, ‘Economic Benefits from Air Transport in India’, found that India ranked 45th in its air connectivity and that a 10% increase in connectivity would boost Indian GDP by US$783 million. Since January 2012, we have launched over 30 new destinations worldwide, 24 of which are likely points for connecting to or from India. Out of these 24 destinations, only one is currently served by Indian carriers, which reinforces the importance of the relationship between Emirates and India.