Emirates’ Operations to Germany

Sustaining a steady flow of trade and traffic to and from Germany

Our passenger numbers on German routes reached 2.2 million passengers in 2015. Our cargo carriage on these routes, exceeding 142,000 tons in 2015, played an important role in facilitating German foreign trade and opening up new markets for German exporters.

Under the current air services arrangements between the UAE and Germany, we are entitled to serve just four destinations in Germany, and we are already fully utilising this capacity. Adding additional points would satisfy the strong surplus market demand and offer more choice to our German customers. Since 2004 Emirates has sought the right to launch two new routes in Germany, connecting Dubai to Berlin and Stuttgart. A 2012 economic impact study by the Institute of Air Transport and Airport Research (DLR), 'The impact of Emirates Airline on the German economy' estimates that a daily flight to each of these destinations could support 1,000 additional jobs. Emirates firmly believes that creating connectivity through the expansion of our network will have positive effects on economic growth, the global competition of companies, trade as well as tourism and will thus generate additional economic value for Germany.

However, opposition to long-haul air services from Berlin and Stuttgart continues, with Lufthansa being behind efforts to maintain the long-standing status quo.