A Major Investor in Germany

Our economic impact in Germany

We contribute EUR 263 million to the German economy each year via purchases of products and services, direct expenditures and marketing spend, which translates into Emirates having a significant impact on employment and economic growth in Germany.

We have frequently enlisted the help of industry experts to evaluate more closely those impacts of our activities on the German economy.

A 2015 study by Frontier Economics 'Emirates’ economic impact in Europe' shows that Emirates’ operations at German airports supported 11,040 direct, indirect and induced jobs in 2013 alone. This represents a GDP impact of EUR 1 billion.

Earlier findings from the Institute of Air Transport and Airport Research at the Cologne-based German Aerospace Centre - Germany's national research centre for aeronautics and space (DLR) – estimated we add more than EUR 1.6 billion to the German economy and support 18,000 German jobs annually. The analysis also calculated that with the introduction of twice daily services to Berlin and Stuttgart, the expected additional benefits would include the generation of 2,000 new German jobs.

Follow the link below for more details from the report: ’The Impact of Emirates Airline on the German Economy’.

The Impact of Emirates Airline on the German Economy Final Report May 2012

The Impact of Emirates Airline on the German Economy Executive Summary May 2012