Emirates seeks to be an active participant in key public policy debates impacting the international aviation industry

We are confident that our stance on competition, liberalisation and government financial intervention in aviation is strongly in the consumer interest.

At the heart of the Emirates business model is a commitment to true international competition and open skies. We believe that an open global economy is vital to free and fair trade, economic growth and fuller employment.

The protection of a national carrier simply because it carries the flag of one particular country belongs to the past. Market access is vital for exporters, passengers, airports and local economies. Robust competition lowers prices and allows more people to fly.

The highest fares in the world tend to be on those routes where governments protect flag carriers and competition is weak. Liberalised economies with open market access also tend to be the strongest. Dubai, with over 120 scheduled international airlines flying to its airport, is a long-term proponent of unambiguously open skies.

Similarly, Emirates does not belong to an alliance. We choose to chart our own future and have concerns about the anti-competitiveness of some alliance arrangements.

Finally, the environmental impact of aviation is a business and policy challenge we devote a great deal of time to. As you will see elsewhere at emirates.com, we are committed to reducing our environmental footprint. We also believe governments must find a better balance between incentivising responsible corporate behaviour and motivating change, versus adopting more punitive political and policy measures that financially weaken our industry and unfairly punish our customers.    

Thank you for taking the time to consider our views. You can also discover recent editions of Open Sky- the Public Affairs journal of Emirates  that covers contemporary issues in the world of aviation and public affairs.