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Skywards Skysurfers

Little travellers can earn Miles as they explore the world, and then spend them on reward flights.

Rewarded for surfing the skies

Every journey is even more of an adventure for young explorers with Skywards Skysurfers. Kids aged between two and 17 earn Miles on every Emirates and flydubai flight. They can also redeem their Miles for reward flights across the Emirates network.

As they earn more Miles, Skysurfers can become Silver and then Gold members and enjoy even more privileges. If they like a window seat on board, their membership helps them get one when they fly. And they’ll be one of the first to get their baggage when they arrive.

It’s easy to join Skywards Skysurfers. A parent can link their personal account with that of their child by simply logging in to their personal Emirates Skywards account and adding their child’s details.

Miles for Skysurfers

We reward our Skysurfers with Miles on every flight, just like Emirates Skywards members.

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Rewards for Skysurfers

Skysurfers can earn Miles on every flight which can then be redeemed for reward flights.

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Benefits for Skysurfers

There’s more to enjoy on the journey as a Skysurfer. Our Silver and Gold members get priority check-in, extra baggage allowance and more.

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Young flyers get special treatment

We make every flight memorable for our little travellers. They can enjoy special meals, dedicated channels, free gifts and much more.

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Need some help?

We’re here to answer any questions about being a Skysurfer. Call our Contact Centres or take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions.

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Meet our Emirates Fly With Me Animals

Little adventurers can share their journey with new furry friends from around the world.

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