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Exhibition Free Baggage Allowance

Exhibition Free Baggage Allowance

Fly Emirates to your next exhibition visit and get a free baggage allowance of 10 kg extra

Free baggage allowance for your exhibition visit

Dubai is not only a fast growing metropolis in the Arabian Gulf; it is also a significant exhibition and convention hub. For your next flight to a Dubai exhibition or any other convention in one of our more than 100 destinations, Emirates is offering you a new service: Exhibition Free Baggage Allowance.

Emirates gives you a free baggage allowance of 10 kg extra

Emirates passengers travelling to an exhibition are able to receive a 10 kg extra free baggage allowance for each trip to any of the Emirates destinations. This means in Economy Class 30 kg + 10 kg, in Business Class 40 kg + 10 kg and in First Class 50 kg + 10 kg. This service is only available on flights operated by Emirates.

You don’t even have to carry your luggage yourself

The Emirates Chauffeur-drive is available to First and Business Class passengers. This free of charge service is offered not only in Germany, but also in many other destinations around the world.

Do you want to make use of our Exhibition Free Baggage Allowance Service?

Please complete this application form and send it not later than 7 working days before departure to us.
Fax +49(0)69 95968855 or email 

  • Valid only for departure from Germany.
  • Valid only on flights leading to or from an exhibition.
  • Valid only on flights operated by Emirates.
  • Valid only on return flights. 
  • Valid only, if application form is properly filled out and sent not later than 7 working days before departure.
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