Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa

The last word in luxury accommodation, with a 1:3 guest:coordinator ratio – and it looks after the local wildlife too

Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa

Five Stars

Area: Desert Conservation Reserve, Dubai

Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa offers the last word in luxury accommodation with its sumptuous Bedouin Suites (each looking out over rolling dunes and its own pool). It also sets new heights for quality of service with its 1:3 guest:coordinator ratio. Included in the price at Al Maha are two on-site activities per day, ranging from a falconry display to camel trekking, horse riding, guided nature walks or wildlife safaris.

But what really makes Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa shine is its total dedication to conservation. Windows are designed not to conduct heat, all water is recycled, and private vehicles are strictly prohibited to help ensure the 225 square kilometers of reserve (5% of Dubai’s total land mass) and its wildlife are left as undisturbed as possible. Al Maha has even set up a breeding program for the endangered scimitar-horned oryx.

Price rating: $$$$

Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa

Address: 65 kilometers southeast of Dubai, along the Dubai to Al Ain highway.

Tel: +971 (04) 303 4222

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