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COVID-19 travel voucher

We’re no longer issuing travel vouchers if your plans have been affected by COVID-19. You still have the option to keep your ticket and use it over the next 24 months. Find out more about keeping your ticket for a future flight.

How to use your voucher

If you’ve already exchanged your ticket for a travel voucher, you can use it for future flights or on any Emirates service. It’s valid for one year from the date of issue and you can extend the validity for another year if you’re unable to use the full value in that time.

  • The travel voucher represents the value you paid for your ticket or service.
  • One travel voucher will be issued per customer.
  • Travel vouchers are valid for one year from date of issue and can be extended for another year if you’re unable to use the voucher within that time.
  • Travel vouchers are valid for any Emirates product or service purchased via or through our Emirates offices and contact centres.
  • Travel vouchers can be used to pay for tickets (including surcharges and taxes), to pay for seat selections, lounge access, extra baggage and service fees.
  • Travel vouchers can’t be used to buy tickets in a combination of Cash+Miles with Emirates Skywards.
  • Up to 4 travel vouchers can be used to pay for a single transaction.
  • Travel vouchers are issued by passenger and are non transferable.
  • You can spend them on yourself, or on your friends and family.
  • A travel voucher can be used for multiple transactions up to its total value during its validity period.
  • If you’re unable to use the travel voucher within 12 months from the date of issue you will be entitled to a cash refund.

Denied Boarding compensation voucher

If you have been denied boarding on a confirmed Emirates flight, you can continue your journey using our Denied Boarding compensation voucher.

Please be guided by these terms and conditions when you book using your ‘Emirates Voucher’ issued as compensation (Denied Boarding) via or an Emirates contact centre.

  • Vouchers can be used to make a booking on or any of the Emirates contact centres.
  • The name on the voucher must match at least one traveller on the new booking.
  • The voucher can be used to pay for base fare, surcharges and service fees.
  • Vouchers can be used as partial payment for a booking. Any amount in excess will be collected as a separate payment type (e.g. credit or debit card).
  • A new voucher for the remaining amount, along with relevant documents, will be sent to the registered email address if the voucher is not fully utilised in a single transaction.
  • Vouchers are valid between 7 and 365 days after being issued.