While I was trying to make an online booking, one of the pages wouldn't display. What went wrong?

The browser you are using may not be compatible with the Emirates website. Please note that the Emirates website requires you to use Internet Explorer 9 or above.

If you are encountering problems using a supported browser, you may need to delete temporary files or clear the cache.

On Firefox:

  • Go to the Tools menu and select ‘Clear Private Data’.
  • Make sure ‘Cache’ is selected, then click ‘Clear Private Data Now’.
  • Click Reload or press F5.

On Netscape Navigator 4.0 and above:

  • Select Preferences from the Edit Menu.
  • Click on the ‘+’ to the left of Advanced (the last listing on your screen).
  • Click on ‘Cache’.
  • Click on ‘Clear Disk Cache’.
  • Click on ‘OK’.
  • You may also need to click ‘Reload’.

On Safari:

  • From the Safari menu, click Empty Cache.
  • Select ‘Empty’ when prompted.
  • Refresh the page.