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Explore Taiwan’s capital to discover one of the most laidback cities in Asia filled with buzzing nightlife, beautiful restaurants and excellent shopping.

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Taipei, Taiwan
Taipei, which is concentrated in the north of Taiwan, is made up of 12 districts, each with its own identity. Wanhua is one of the oldest, but also one of the trendiest. Neihu is where you'll find old and new Taipei, with temples and shopping malls standing side by side. Shilin is home to the National Palace Museum, which has nearly 700,000 pieces of imperial artefacts.

Taipei is one of those cities that never seem to sleep. Night markets fill the streets with the sights and smells of dumplings, beef noodle soup and shaved ice desserts.

Not only can you find a convenience store open at any hour and on every street corner (Taipei has one of the highest per capita concentrations of convenience stores on earth), but also 24-hour karaoke bars – and even a 24-hour bookstore. It’s also known for having some of Asia's best coffee shops and a thriving music scene. But Taipei doesn't take itself too seriously – for proof, visit one of its themed restaurants (Barbie-themed, prison-themed and even toilet-themed are all on offer).

Sitting in a basin between the Yangming Mountains and the Central Mountains, Taipei is also blessed with gorgeous scenery. Head to the Beitou district for its hot springs and the stunning Yangmingshan National Park, or to Elephant Mountain hiking trail in Nangang and its rolling forest hills overlooking the city.

You can see the city in all its glory from the top of Taipei 101 – a 101-storey skyscraper. And once you realise it’s all connected by an efficient public transport system, it comes as no surprise that Taiwan's capital is one of the world's most popular cities for visitors.

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