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Boeing 777-200LR

Boeing 777-200LR


Emirates received its first 777-200LR in August 2007, making it one of the newest aeroplanes not only in our fleet, but in any commercial fleet.

In 2005, the Boeing 777-200LR set a new world record for distance travelled non-stop when it landed at Heathrow airport, London, after a journey of 21,601km (11,664 nautical miles) from Hong Kong - the long way round.

The 777 is capable of cruising at altitudes up to 13,137m (43,100 feet).

The Boeing 777 is one of the first aircraft families to be designed and electronically assembled using computers.

Thanks to a new wing design, more efficient engine and a lighter structure, the 777 makes more efficient use of fuel. This means significantly less emissions than similar aircraft, making the 777 one of the most 'green' long range commercial aircraft types.

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