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CIBT Emirates Visas

CIBT Emirates Visas

Emirates® has partnered with CIBT, the largest visa and passport service provider in the US, to assist with processing UAE visa applications for Emirates® customers who are currently residing in the US but are nationals of countries that require a visa for the UAE.

CIBT allows for quick turnaround (7 days minimum) and the ability to submit an application online. Customers requiring visas can visit www.cibt.com/emiratesvisa and complete the application form online, upload a passport photo and pay by credit card. Visa applications can also be made via email or in person at any CIBT office. CIBT will keep in touch with timely updates regarding the application status.

For more information on this convenient new UAE visa processing service or to submit your visa application, please visit www.cibt.com/emiratesvisa, call 877 216 7189 (Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m - 7:00 p.m CST) or e-mail emirates@cibt.com

Note: It is your sole responsibility to obtain a visa where the same is required and Emirates® shall accept no liability for your failure to do so. Also see our Terms & Conditions. Please also note that entry into the UAE is subject to immigration approval.