Can I cancel or change my Flight Reward booking?

You can cancel unused and valid reward tickets by contacting your local Emirates office or Contact Center. There is no credit for expired Business Rewards Miles. There is no cancelation fee for recrediting Business Rewards Miles on an unused Flex Plus Reward ticket. There is a service fee of USD 50 for recrediting Business Rewards Miles on a Flex Reward ticket and USD 75 for recrediting Business Rewards Miles on a Saver Reward ticket. If a combination of a Flex Plus, Flex, or Saver Reward ticket is refunded, then the USD 75 will apply. If a ticket expires without being used, taxes on this ticket can be refunded. There is no fee for this, and no Business Rewards Miles will be refunded on expired tickets.

For any other changes to an unused Saver, Flex, or Flex Plus reward ticket (including a change of cabin class or a ticket change from Saver to Flex or Flex Plus and vice versa), there will be a charge of USD 25. Your existing reward ticket will be canceled and Miles will be credited back to your account (minus any expired Miles). A new ticket will then be issued with a new validity period. You will need to pay any applicable taxes.