There are 7 FAQs for Emirates Skywards: Skysurfers

What is Skysurfers?
Skysurfers is our club for young frequent flyers aged between 2 and 16. Members earn miles with Emirates and our partners in the same ways and at the same rate as members of the Emirates Skywards program. Skysurfers can redeem their miles for free flights or a variety of exciting rewards, with the approval of their parents or guardians. For more details, please visit the Skysurfers website.
What are the benefits of Skysurfers?

The benefits of the Skysurfers program are similar to those of the Emirates Skywards program. A Skysurfers member can attain Silver or Gold status and benefits in exactly the same way as an Emirates Skywards member. In addition, Skysurfers enjoy extra benefits when traveling and have their own exclusive website, membership card, and special Skysurfers offers and events designed for young frequent flyers. Skysurfers are not eligible for Platinum membership.

Silver and Gold Skysurfer membership benefits do not include the use of airport lounges. However, a Skysurfer member of any tier status may accompany a relative or guardian with Platinum status into an airport lounge. 

How do young flyers enroll in Skysurfers?

Please print out and complete an application form, which must be signed by a legal parent or guardian. This can then be sent to your nearest Emirates Contact Center. Please visit the Skysurfers website for more details about the program.

Does the Skysurfers program have Silver, Gold, and Platinum tiers?

Skysurfers members can move to Silver and Gold tiers in exactly the same way as Emirates Skywards members. However, there is no equivalent to the Platinum tier for Skysurfers members.

How do Skysurfers members redeem miles for Emirates rewards or partner rewards?

Emirates flight rewards

There are two ways to spend Skysurfers Miles on Emirates flight rewards:

  • A parent or guardian should sign a printed copy of the online reward form which can then be sent to an Emirates Contact Center. 
  • If you are an Emirates Skywards member, you can book Emirates flight rewards on behalf of a Skysurfers member online, provided that you are the nominated parent or guardian and you have linked your account to your child’s account.

Please note that some rewards may also require a parent or guardian’s credit card number. For instance, a flight reward will require a credit card number to pay the compulsory tax charged by airports for the journey.

Partner rewards

To redeem Skysurfer Miles with an Emirates Skywards partner, a parent or guardian should sign the relevant form and send it to an Emirates Contact Center. Skysurfer Miles can be redeemed with the following partners: 

Partner airlines

Alaska Airlines, Japan Airlines, Jet Airways, JetBlue, Korean Air, Qantas, South African Airways, Skysurfers redemption request form


Marriott, Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa Skysurfers redemption request form

Retail & Lifestyle

Can I book a reward on using Miles from a Skysurfers or Emirates Skywards minor account?

Yes, however, this online functionality is only available to parents or guardians who are Emirates Skywards members and have their child’s account linked to their account. Once you are logged in to your linked account on, you can view a drop-down list that allows you to select from account numbers before making the reward booking.

How do I link a Skysurfers or a Skywards minor account to my Emirates Skywards account?

Please send a signed letter to your nearest Emirates Contact Center, requesting that your Emirates Skywards account is linked to your child’s Skysurfers or Emirates Skywards minor account. Please ensure that all the relevant account information is included in your letter.