There are 21 FAQs for Emirates Skywards: Earning Miles and Miles Accelerator

Why are the miles I earn based on the type of fare purchased?
We recognize that different customers can pay different fares while traveling in the same cabin, so when we calculate the miles you earn, we take into account the type of fare as well as the distance flown.
How do I earn Skywards Miles on my credit card?

You can collect Skywards Miles just by making purchases with your credit card. If you have an Emirates co-branded credit card with Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait, Citibank, Emirates Islamic Bank, Emirates NBD, or Standard Chartered Bank India, we will automatically credit your Emirates Skywards® account with any miles you have earned each month. If you hold a credit card with one of our other bank partners, please contact your credit card provider for more information or to ask for points to be transferred to your Emirates Skywards® account.

Can I enroll family members into my account so that I can earn Skywards Miles when they travel?

If you are the principal of a Family Bonus program, you will earn 20% of the base miles collected by nominated family members. Learn more about the Family Bonus program.

Can Family Bonus members earn extra Tier Miles for my account?

Family Bonus members only earn Skywards Miles at the rate of 20% of base miles plus any Business Class or First Class bonuses.

Are Family Bonus members entitled to excess baggage allowances or lounge access?

Only Emirates Skywards® members are entitled to excess baggage allowances. Family Bonus members are not entitled to lounge access by merit of membership in the Family Bonus program; however, Platinum members may invite family traveling with them into the airport lounge. Please see the separate FAQ on lounge access for guests. Platinum members can also nominate a spouse or partner for Gold membership and all its entitlements.

Do Family Bonus members have to travel with the principal Family Bonus account holder?

Family Bonus members do not have to be accompanied by the Family Bonus principal on flights; all they have to do is provide their membership number or card at the time of booking or check-in. Membership cards are mailed to the Family Bonus principal once he or she has qualified for an Emirates Skywards® membership card.

What is the Miles Accelerator?

The Miles Accelerator offers you additional bonus Skywards Miles on a special selection of flights each month throughout the year, giving you the opportunity to earn more Skywards Miles and reach your rewards even faster.

How does the Miles Accelerator work?

Each month, selected flights are assigned bonus Skywards Miles. The Miles Accelerator allows you to search for these flights that can maximize the number of Skywards Miles you earn, depending on where are you planning to travel.

To qualify for Miles Accelerator bonuses, you simply need to register online, or "opt in," on the Miles Accelerator page and purchase a ticket within the same month. You can opt in after you buy your ticket, and also if you have bought your ticket over the phone or from a travel agent. Please note that you must opt in before you travel.

What is "opting in"? Why do I have to do this to receive bonus miles?

To ensure we can track your miles progress and credit bonus miles to your account, you must be opted in for a Miles Accelerator bonus before you travel. This information is stored in your Emirates Skywards® account, so that when you fly the extra miles automatically appear in your statement. If you purchase a ticket online, we will automatically opt you in. If you purchase a ticket from a travel agent, you can visit and opt in before or after you buy your ticket, as long as you do so during the month of purchase.

Why do I have to opt in every time the Miles Accelerator list is updated?

Miles Accelerator offers are updated monthly. To opt in to the latest special bonuses, all you need to do is visit the site every month and conduct a quick search for the flights you are interested in.

Will Miles Accelerator bonus miles be offered in addition to other bonus miles I might earn on a flight?

Bonus miles that you are awarded by opting in to the Miles Accelerator will be credited on top of any other Skywards Miles you would normally earn, giving you the opportunity to reach your rewards even faster.

However, if you register for two or more Emirates Skywards® promotions and your flight is eligible for both, then only the highest eligible miles bonus will be counted.

Do I earn the same Miles Accelerator bonus if I have purchased a Skywards Flex or Skywards Saver fare?

Yes, any Skywards Miles you earn by opting in to the Miles Accelerator are the same whether you buy a Saver or Flex ticket.

If I change my ticket, will I still be eligible for the Miles Accelerator bonus?

Depending on what changes you make to your ticket, a number of different scenarios are possible. Please check the Terms & Conditions relating to the Miles Accelerator for more details, or call an Emirates Contact Center.

Can I still get bonus miles from the Miles Accelerator if I purchase a ticket over the phone or via a travel agent?

Yes, you can. Just visit the Miles Accelerator to opt in for your flight; this must be done before the end of the month in which you buy your ticket and before you travel.

Can I earn Tier Miles with the Miles Accelerator?

The Miles Accelerator only adds bonus Skywards Miles to your account.

I have invited 10 friends to join Emirates Skywards®. Only two have joined, so why can’t I add any more?
At any given time, a maximum of 10 active nominees are allowed in the Refer a Friend promotion. Active nominees include those who have joined as a result of your invitation and those who have been invited but are yet to join. You can send a reminder email to nominees who have not joined. If a friend decides not to join, you can delete him or her from your list and send an invitation to someone else.
When will the bonus Miles for Refer a Friend be credited to my account?
Bonus Skywards Miles will be credited to your account once the nominee has completed travel on an eligible Emirates flight within six months of enrollment and the Skywards Miles from their flight have been credited to their account.
I have nominated my wife who is already a Family Bonus member in your program, and her nomination was unsuccessful. Why?
Family Bonus members can join Emirates Skywards at any time and begin to earn their own miles by visiting the Join Now page. However, as they are already enrolled in a different Emirates promotion, we are not able to offer you promotional bonus miles if you nominate them through Refer a Friend.
Can I nominate my son who is 14 years old?
Due to legal consensual restrictions, children under the age of 18 cannot participate or be nominated in the Refer a Friend promotion.
Can I refer a friend from any country?
Yes, usually you can refer friends from anywhere in the world. However, please make sure you read the Terms & Conditions before nominating your friends, as some elements of the offer can vary between promotions.
Can I decide what frequent flyer number I want to earn Miles on after I have checked in or traveled?
No. You must decide which program you wish to earn Miles on at the time of reservation or check-in for Qualifying Flights and at the time of paying for other qualifying goods or services. No changes can be made to the membership number once a member has checked in for the first flight of an itinerary.