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There are 3 FAQs for Chauffeur-drive

Can I use Chauffeur-drive when travelling across international borders?

In Europe, you can use Emirates Chauffeur-drive service to travel across international boundaries in most Schengen-Area countries (which includes most European Union member states and Switzerland) provided the cross-border destination is within the free mileage radius of the service.

Cross-border travel is not available for Chauffeur-drive from German destinations.

Can I use the Chauffeur-drive service on trans-Tasman routes?

Itineraries which are exclusively between New Zealand and Australia are not eligible for Chauffeur-drive. All other itineraries on Emirates-operated flights are eligible, including Business Class itineraries which involve a stopover in Australia. 

All itineraries involving travel to Dubai or beyond on Qantas-operated flights are eligible, except itineraries which involve a stopover in Australia. If the itinerary includes a stopover, the leg between Australia and New Zealand on Qantas-operated flights is not eligible for Chauffeur-drive. 

Itineraries between Asia and Australia/New Zealand on Qantas-operated flights are not eligible for Chauffeur-drive. 

Chauffeur-drive cannot be used for inter-terminal transfers.

Are there any mileage restrictions for Chauffeur-drive?

Yes, most Chauffer-drive destinations have a free mileage limit in place. For travel beyond the normal limit, most destinations will allow additional mileage for a fee.

Please see our Chauffeur-drive availability page for mileage information for individual destinations.

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