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Refund request

You can use this form to request a refund for tickets purchased directly from Emirates, through, at one of our contact centers, or from an Emirates ticket office. If a travel agent booked your ticket, please contact that travel agent for a refund.

Please note once you’ve submitted this form, your entire booking will be canceled. So please don’t use this form to find out more about cancelation charges or how much of a ticket might be refunded.

How much you’ll be refunded will depend on the fare conditions of your ticket, as provided to you at the time you made your booking. If you purchased your ticket on, your fare conditions will be attached to your booking confirmation email.

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It is not mandatory to add comments in the text box below; however, should you wish to provide additional information, you may do so here. It is recommended that comments be in English only. Entering comments will delay processing of the refund while the comments are reviewed.

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