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Chairman's Message

Chairman's Message

The Emirates Group commitment to act sustainably

The Emirates Group operates on six continents, flying to over 140 destinations and having a presence in 103 locations. With that global reach comes the need for responsibility, and Emirates Group is continually striving to makes its operations less impactful on the environment.

At Emirates Group, our environmentalism is guided by rigorous analysis. The Emirates airline flight operations team constantly looks at ways to shorten flight times, with efficient flight planning such as our flexible routing program, iFlex, or via constant dialogue with our two aircraft suppliers, Airbus and Boeing, to strip away unnecessary weight from the aircraft while maintaining the comfort levels Emirates has become known for. In 2012–2013, Emirates carried 39.4 million passengers and was again ranked as the world’s largest international airline by capacity. Malaysia_truly_asia - 301111

This inevitably comes with associated emissions. But all of our flight operations are conducted in an environmentally responsible manner and we do not burn jet fuel unnecessarily. When passengers travel with Emirates, however, they receive something else: some of the lowest associated emissions in the industry. Our average fleet age of just six years is five months younger than the year before, and nearly half the industry average for IATA member airlines, as a result of our continuing investment in modern aircraft. This young fleet also features newer, more efficient technology and lighter materials. As a result, Emirates flights are 16.6% more efficient in terms of emissions per passenger-kilometer than the industry average.

Our efforts don’t just take part in the sky; on the ground, dnata, the group’s air services division takes its environmental obligations seriously. For example, it is currently trialing the use of electric vehicles in Dubai, where is handles ground operations for more than 130 airlines.

Emirates will continue to work towards introducing new practices, technologies, and materials to lessen our operations’ impact on the environment while maintaining the level of service our customers demand. This is the Emirates Group’s third Environment Report. I hope you find the latest results and projects reported here an interesting read.


His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum

Chairman and Chief Executive Emirates Airline & Group