Experience Japanese Culture

Experience Japanese Culture

Japanese Cultural Destinations

Japan is made up of an incredible 6,852 mountainous islands, many of them volcanic. It’s home to over 120 million people, and famous the world over for having a unique culture and traditions.
By dating pottery fragments, scientists estimate Japan has been populated for over 30,000 years. Over that time, the land of the rising sun has developed some of the most fascinating cultural traditions in the world.

Sumo wrestling and other martial arts were born in Japan, as were the Ninja and the Samurai. Japanese culture features unique art forms, beautiful haikus, delicious food, imaginative outfits, exquisite gardens and genuine hospitality. Japan really does have it all.
Experience the Japanese culture when you travel to Tokyo and the cities and towns beyond.

Osaka is Japan’s second city, with almost 20 million people. Famous for its down-to-earth citizens and hearty cuisine, Osaka combines a few historical and cultural attractions with all the delights of a modern Japanese city. Incredibly popular with tourists, it boasts aquariums, museums, theaters, temples, palaces and more. A must-see if you’re considering a visit to Japan, Emirates flies non-stop to Osaka from Dubai.


The cultural heart of Japan is full of peaceful shrines, temples and gardens. Kyoto is where you will find the Japan of your imagination: raked pebble gardens, poets’ huts hidden amid bamboo groves, arcades of vermilion shrine gates, geisha disappearing into the doorways of traditional restaurants, golden temples floating above tranquil waters. A welcome tonic from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo.


Get out of the urban jungle, and explore a real one. Experience wild Japan with a trek through a tropical jungle. Iriomote-jima is the perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts


An affordable town with plenty to see, eat and drink. Your best chance to enjoy some night-life with some friendly locals. Fukuoka has transformed itself over the last decade into one of Japan’s most cosmopolitan cities.

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