Flights to Lusaka

Flights to Lusaka

About Lusaka

Lusaka, capital of Zambia, is located in a region considered to be the very cradle of humanity, with evidence of human ancestry going back many thousands of years. This rich history is complemented by equally rich tribal culture and natural beauty, in one of Central Africa’s fastest growing urban centers. Lusaka has an engaging mix of multi-story towers, attractive suburbs and active shantytowns – home to thriving cottage industries from cobblers to green grocers and food vendors. A colorful city with a plethora of things to do and discover, it is known for its welcoming people.

Where to go

Lusaka boasts the Munda Wanda Environmental Park, host to an education center and botanical gardens and operating as a sanctuary for Zambia’s wildlife. An ideal place for a family excursion, it has over 40 species of wildlife, most endemic to Zambia, and over 1000 varieties of flora with an equal balance of exotic and local species.

The Kalimba Reptile Park, as the name suggests, exhibits a wide variety of local snakes, crocodiles and tortoises among other reptilian species. And if you are so inclined, get some crocodile tail for a tasty meal or a fashionable accessory made of the prized crocodile skin.

There is a range of recreational parks in Lusaka, including aquatic and adventure theme parks, as well as cultural centers, like the Kwabata Cultural Village, where you can find some of the local arts and crafts. The Lusaka National Museum is also highly recommended, with its display of Zambian art and history it is a stimulating experience at a very affordable price.

Otherwise there are many restaurants and markets to explore, and of course the local fare, which includes anything from game meat and maize to flying termites, known locally as ‘inswa’. Your adventures are likely to take you to Lusaka’s main thoroughfare, Cairo Road, which is the city’s commercial and retail center and a good place to experience more of life in the city. And there are a variety of themed nightclubs and bars where live music and dancing can be enjoyed.

Beyond Lusaka

Many visit the African continent to experience nature as it was meant to be, and there are quite a few tours and safaris available, that will take you beyond the borders of Lusaka itself. And you have your choice of touring the wilds of Zambia by elephant, canoe, on foot or by motor vehicle. One of the most popular sanctuaries, and rated among the world’s best, is the South Luangwa National Park, credited with originating the walking safari tour, and known for its beauty and density of wildlife.

Perhaps the most popular attraction in Zambia is the magnificent Victoria Falls. Located 10km from the city of Livingston, the falls, locally known as Mosi-oa-Tunya, or ‘smoke that thunders’, is part of the Zambezi river, another major attraction in itself.

When you arrive in the mysterious and verdant Zambia, your adventure can take you to shores of Lake Tanganyika and the Lochinvar wetlands to forests, plains, game lodges and more. The opportunities are truly endless and unforgettable.

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