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The Middle East

The Middle East

From the history and culture of Beirut to the ultra-modern metropolis of Dubai, Emirates flies to destinations across the Middle East. Learn about our featured Middle East destinations below, or see all our destinations on the Route Map.

All The Middle East Destinations

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Fly Emirates to Dubai and discover one of the world’s fastest-growing cities, and a place where ultra-modern development sits alongside traditional Arabian culture.

Amman, Jordan

Fly Emirates to Amman and experience the ancient citadel, modern outlook, and fertile deserts of Jordan’s city of contrasts.

Bahrain, Bahrain

Fly Emirates to Bahrain, the Arabian Peninsula’s smallest state, to explore the tiny Kingdom of Two Seas.

Basra, Iraq

Emirates flies to Basra, the gateway to Iraq and home to the legendary Sinbad the Sailor.

Doha, Qatar

Fly Emirates to Doha, the capital of Qatar, to explore the pearl of the Arabian Gulf.

Erbil, Iraq

We will resume four weekly flights to Erbil from August 15, 2015.

Kuwait City, Kuwait

Fly Emirates to Kuwait, one of the world’s richest countries, to explore the historic past of this oil-rich city state.

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