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Famous for its laid-back inhabitants, outspoken attitudes and vast and varied terrain, Australia has retained its image as a major holiday destination, and is also seen as an increasingly important business hub.

Emirates flies to five cities across Australia, and offers onward flights to New Zealand from several of these. Whether you’re drawn to the style and energy of Sydney, the culture and sophistication of Melbourne, or the up-and-coming centre and legendary Gold Coast beaches of Brisbane, Australia has plenty to offer every visitor.

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Tamworth, Australia

Fly to Tamworth, the ‘country music capital’ of Australia, with Emirates.

Townsville, Australia

Fly Emirates to Townsville. Whether for reef, rainforest, outback, or wetlands, the capital of North Queensland has a bit of everything for travelers with diverse palette.

Uluru, Australia

Travel to Uluru, Australia, with Emirates and experience the breathtaking beauty of Uluru, or Ayers Rock, first-hand. This natural wonder, towering above the horizon, is located in the middle of Australia’s red desert.

Wagga Wagga, Australia

The town famous for having a hundred little reasons to visit is now within reach, so fly to Wagga Wagga with Emirates today.

Weipa, Australia

Fly Emirates to Weipa. Perfectly located on the Cape York Peninsula, this small mining town has beautiful views of the gulf and ample opportunities for fishing and outdoor exploration.

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