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There’s something effortlessly magical and romantic about Venice’s palazzo-lined canals, bridges, maze-like side streets and, of course, singing gondoliers.

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Venice, Italy
Venice is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. After your flights to this astounding city touch down and you catch a boat from Marco Polo Airport (it’s not a gimmick, but genuinely the easiest way to reach the city centre) it seems almost incredible that this city even exists.

And while Venice’s spires, domes and palaces might offer spectacular views from the water, once you’re on dry land the city doesn’t disappoint either. The churches and museums are packed with the remnants of when Venice was one of the richest trading posts in the world. Around every corner, you’ll find picture-postcard sights, secret squares and secluded alleyways – none of which are choked by cars. Losing yourself in a city will never be so much fun.

Indeed, wandering around without a map or itinerary is part of the experience. How else will you stumble upon Venice’s hidden gems and hole-in-the-wall joints? One of the best areas for a stroll is Cannaregio, a neighbourhood hugely popular with locals. It’s easy to spend hours in one of the canal-side cafes or cosy trattorias watching Venetian life go by. For one of the best views of the city, however, head off the mainland and across to the island where the Bell Tower of San Giorgio Maggiore stands. The vista of Venice and its waterways are spectacular.

It’s impossible not to hail a gondolier or splash out on a canal-side restaurant or hotel with views of the water. It’s absolutely worth it. You’ll never experience anything quite like Venice.

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