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Harare has all the trappings of a modern metropolis, but you're never too far from stunning greenery and Africa’s famous wildlife.

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Harare, Zimbabwe
Look out over the skyline of Zimbabwe's capital Harare and you'll see what the city is all about. It has all the trappings of a modern metropolis, but you're never too far from nature.

When visiting the city the temptation is to head straight out on safari or rush to see Victoria Falls, on the border with Zambia. But Harare is one of the most attractive capital cities in southern Africa, so it's worth taking some time to explore. This is a city rich in flora, from the numerous beautiful parks and gardens, to the simple shades of white and yellow that line the dusty avenues on the way out of town.

Harare is also a city packed with museums and craft markets, not to mention some of the best coffee shops, restaurants and lounges on the continent. The Book Cafe has thrived for decades as a place where creative minds can mingle, while Garwe Restaurant serves the best in local cuisine to visitors and residents.

On the other hand, there’s no ignoring the quality of the nature parks that Zimbabwe is known for, and Harare is no exception. Venture out to the Wild is Life animal sanctuary to see some of Africa’s beloved wildlife up close.

Harare is a city showing real promise, leading the way for a country on the rise in both the industrial and commercial sectors. The adoption of the US dollar as its de facto currency has certainly helped encourage investment, something that can be seen on every corner and in the smiles of the laidback locals.

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